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Casino Party Dealers is an active membership site offering a chance to work as a Casino Party Dealer in Sunnyvale at some of the highest-rated Casino Party Rental Companies out there! Show what you have in your Dealer Profile Page, Receive Real-Time Notifications of new & upcoming gigs in the Sunnyvale area or travel to other job opportunitites using our Passport Program! Enjoy Loyalty & Incentive commissions & bonuses while working with some of the best dealers ever! Work with friends, stay informed of new jobs & be part of a team that’s on your side! Join Casino Party Dealers in Sunnyvale, California Now!

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Casino Party Dealers in Sunnyvale only works with the Very Best Casino Party Companies out there!

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Work as a Casino Party Dealer in Sunnyvale & the Surrounding Area or Travel using Our Passport Program!.

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Real Time Notifications

Receive Real-Time Notifications on Our Site, By Email and by Text When New Gigs Become Available!

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Loyalty Program

Casino Party Dealers offers incentive plans, commissions, loyalty rewards and much more!

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Casino Party Dealers in Sunnyvale

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Learn New Games

Casino Party Dealers in Sunnyvale offers extended Training so that you can learn new games or hone your dealing skills to the next level. As a member of Casino Party Dealers, you will have first dibs at discounted Training Prices offered by our reputable  and top-rated Casino Party Companies that we partner with. Weather your a beginner or a novice, there’s always something new to learn!

We will arrange for one of our Casino Party Dealer’s to train, not only one of your friends, but a group up to 5 or 6 if you wish. Currently we can do the training, in one of our satellite locations. Find out if there is Casino Party Dealers training in Sunnyvale when you become a member! Improve your chances at getting more gigs by learning new games or improving your skills! 

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Dealer Profile Pages

Show Your Gaming Experience in Your Profile

One of the advantages of becoming a member of Casino Party Dealers is our Dealer Profile Page. When you first register, you are taken to a Dealer Verification Form where we gather additional information from you to help you get everything you can out of our site! Your mobile phone number is used for notifications of jobs in your area and opportunities with multiple casino party companies.  A profile photo is important to show potential employers just how serious you are about getting the job.

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Casino Party Dealers need to know your experience level in gaming so that we can place you with the parties that are requesting certain games. *We also offer additional training so that you can UP your experience level and build on your Dealer Profile. You home location and how far you are willing to travel is important so that we can help place you at the parties you want and that you can get to. The opportunities are here for you, become a Verified Member and take advantage of them all!

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Casino Party Dealers provides opportunities to travel to gigs.
When you sign up to become a Verified Member, you can choose your home city such as Sunnyvale and how many miles you are willing to travel for jobs. This helps us place you with Top-Rated Casino Party companies in your area.

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