Coming Soon! Pop Up Casino Party

Very soon, you will have access to your very own Casino Party Website called Pop Up Casino Party! You will have an opportunity to have a one page website, marketing materials, a video and more to promote yourself as a Dealer and book parties! You will earn money dealing parties, earn commissions if you like, by booking parties too! Promote your site on Facebook, Instagram % Social Media. Stay tuned for this great opportunity!

About Your Membership

Your membership is active as of now, it my still say pending and you will not be able to log in, but you are in the Casino Party Dealers Database. This means that you are active for getting jobs from the information that you have provided us. Once you are fully active, you will be able to log in, see your Dealer Profile and also have access to the Premium Package coming soon. We have a new website that is almost completed, when it is, all memberships will not be pending on the site anymore, and you will be able to log in. Stay Tuned!

The new site is Pop Up Casino Party and goes Live soon. We will be telling you more about this new site and how it can help you make extra money by booking your own parties, being your own party’s manager and dealing the parties. This new Casino¬† Party Site is all about the Dealers – You!

Coming Soon! Pop Up Casino Party
Premium Package

With this new website, comes a new Dealer Premium Package. The package includes your own One Page Website, A Customized Full HD Marketing & Promotional Video and Business Cards. Promote your own parties, receive commissions on the parties you book, get paid extra for being the manager and get paid to deal your own parties! Promote Yourself! Stay Tuned!

Use our Premium Tools to promote yourself and book casino parties through Pop Up Casino Party on social media, on your own one page website and more! More Details coming soon!

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